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Plot Challenges: Does it make sense?

You’ve written a great story, but how does that translate into it becoming a great book? As writers, do we all dream of being the next James Patterson, J.K. Rowling, Sylvia Day, or E.L. James? What does it really take to become one of the greats? For me, I can’t say I aspire to be […]

Writers Block or Procrastination?

Are You Distracted or Creatively Stuck? There were points during the writing of my book where I would take breaks—not writing at all for days, weeks, and even for a couple of months at one point. Seriously, I just can’t comprehend the manic madness behind authors who cranks out a book in a month or […]

Writing Woes: When is it good enough?

You’ve finally finished that first draft…so now what? Sound the trumpets and summon all the literary Book Gods-the first draft has finally been completed! After countless hours, days, weeks, months, and oh Dear God—years, I’ve finally cranked out what I believe to be the equivalent of a J.K. Rowling masterpiece. So what should I do […]