Who is K.Marie?

No…I’m not a fugitive on the run using an alias. I’m just an everyday working stiff who’s dreamed of one day becoming a published author. Writing is my passion. I’ve always journaled, I’ve put my creative pen to paper and produced beautiful poems and soliloquies; I’ve even written short stories. But I wanted MORE! I wanted to create a story, to spin a tale so exciting it left the people clawing and frothing at the mouth for more. I wanted to leave my mark on the world and make myself immortal by producing a masterpiece that would go down into the everlasting-print hall of fame! But mostly, I wanted to do for others what the great ones’ before me did. I wanted to share a story that others could love.

After years of sacrificing my soul to the underworld in a quest for position and power, I finally decided to follow my heart, my true passion, and write the book I’d dreamed of writing for years.

I’ve always been an avid reader. In fact, at one point I was a rabid, snarling, book hoarding three-headed fiend. Seriously, I had books everywhere! I had several bookshelves crammed with books (ones I hadn’t read), every drawer in my nightstand packed–and worse, I had the equivalent of a book lovers dream smuggled underneath my bed. At least a hundred books! Thank the e-book Gods I was finally able to de-clutter and locate my long-missing family who’d been buried under a ton of books for years (ha-ha). I love reading and blogging, but I love writing even more. The two combined; the logical and obvious conclusion was that I’d one day write my own great novel, be on Oprah, rank highly on the NYT Best Seller list, and even see my beloved works on the big screen. IF ONLY. The problem is, no one told me my passion for the written word wouldn’t easily jump from my brain, onto a page, and into the hearts of avid fans with just a click of my heels. No one told me it could take YEARS to crank out a decent story that someone might one day want to possibly read. Coming up with great characters, a good plot, good scenes, and scintillating dialogue IS NOT EASY.

But alas, after almost two years of hard labor, I’ve finally seen my labor of love to fruition. What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger, right? 

WRECKLESS ENGAGEMENT is my debut novel.


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