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“There’s nothing I like more than a challenge,” Garland said, turning to face me and looking me dead in the eye. “You’ll learn I’m nothing if not a man of my word, so consider this a promise. I’m going to fuck you until you confuse me with a higher power, and when I’ve finished, there’ll be no doubt you’d properly converted to my religion.”




“Yes, she is a large boat, and can accommodate a lot more people. But make no mistake, I intend to bump into you plenty,” he remarked.

I sat staring at him in surprise. Seriously?

I was no fool, I knew a double entendre when I heard one. I looked back at him quizzically, wondering if the king of innuendo were merely testing me for a reaction.

“Was that a deliberate misunderstanding of my words?” I asked pointedly.

“There was no misunderstanding on my part,” he returned challengingly.









Cover By: Yellow Prelude, LLC

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