Comments Policy

HOW TO ACT (for those of you in doubt)


Let’s make this a Slam-Dunk by not being a jerk

My comments section policy is simple:
Do onto others, as you would have them do unto you. Otherwise…I’ll have to SPAM you. Meaning, all of your comments will be flagged as spam and therefore sent to the oblivion trash pile. GOT IT?

Golden Rules

Jerkish behavior includes, but is not limited to:

РAbusive  or Offensive Language, Trolling
– Racism
– Sexism
– Unauthorized selling of books/merchandise/services


Bottom Line

If you wouldn’t do it out in public, then you can’t do it here. Jerkish behavior will be met with a warning–unless of course, it’s just too nasty to deserve a second chance. In that case, you’ll be kicked to the oblivion trash pile immediately.

Freedom of speech is a beautiful thing–and is welcome here, but let’s not confuse that with freedom of consequence.

This forum is meant for like-minds to come together and discuss what we love most–reading and writing. So let’s all behave and play nicely with one another–why sling mud and soil a beautiful canvas? I will moderate with an iron fist–and won’t hesitate to crush the bad-eggs and kick them to the ‘black hole of doom’.

¬†Let’s Have Fun and Enjoy!